Terms & Conditions

Free software packages

All software packages freely available from MHCCORP.COM are released under the GPL v3 license and can be used, reused, and distributed as long as the original author information is unchanged.


Commercial packages

All commercial "non-free" packages from MHCCORP.COM have the same "per site" usage license.

  • If you or your company personally and directly owns a webstore, you may use the license for the live webstore only as well as any development site of it.
  • If you are a doing work for another person's website, for example a web design company who is hired by clients with their own websites, you may not share and must purchase a separate site license for each client website.
  • Paid packages may not be resold or redistributed by any 3rd party seller. MHCCORP.COM retain all rights to its work.