NMI-AIM Payment Module

  • NMI-AIM Payment Module
NMI is a leading payment gateway provider offering secure, reliable and advanced gateway services to your customers.

This payment module offers a NMI payment integration for OpenCart.

The final checkout 'Confirm Order' button will redirect the customer to the NMI payment gateway site to do the credit/debit card online payment. Once payment is completed, the page will redirect back to your site.



Before using this payment module, you need to apply for a new merchant account with NMI if you haven't done so already, in order to get the needed account settings. Also, you need to have a pre-installed VQMod (aka Virtual Quick Mod) on your OpenCart server.



This payment module uses the AIM protocol emulator. Therefore it makes use of the existing Authorize.Net (AIM) payment module by adding the NMI payment gateway to it. Please follow the installation steps below:

  1. Upload the 'vqmod' folder from the 'upload' directory to your OpenCart server's root directory. No OpenCart core files are

  2. Log into the OpenCart admin backend and go to
    Extensions > Payments > Authorize.Net (AIM) > Edit

  3. Enter the following configuration details:

    Login ID:
    Your login ID

    Transaction Key:
    Your transaction key

    MD5 Hash:
    An optional hash key

    Transaction Server:
    Choose 'NMI Authorize.Net Emulator'

    Transaction Mode:

    Transaction Method:
    'Authorization' or 'Capture'

    The checkout total the order must reach before this payment method becomes active.

    Order Status:
    Usually set to 'Pending' or 'Processing'

    Geo Zone:
    The geographic zone for which this payment method is made available during checkout

    'Enabled' or 'Disabled', use 'Enabled' to have this payment method go alive

    Sort Order:
    The order position in which this payment method is offered during checkout

  4. Save the changes


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