Integrated VQMod for OpenCart 3

  • Integrated VQMod for OpenCart 3
This package provides a XML-controlled search and add/replace modification system for OpenCart 2.0 core files. In addition to OpenCart's OCMod XML you can now also use the VQMod XML for describing the modifications.

See also the documentations at


for more details on the XML syntaxes.



In the OpenCart admin backend do the following:

  1. Go to Extensions > Installer and upload this file
  2. Go to Extensions > Extensions > Modules > Integrated VQmod to install and then edit to enable this module
  3. Go to System > Users > User Groups > edit Administrator and make sure the 'extension/module/integrated_vqmod' has the access and modify rights

How to upload OpenCart modifications

There are 3 ways to upload modifications to an OpenCart server:

  1. Use the OpenCart admin backend at

    Extensions > Installer

    to upload zipped OpenCart extensions which include an XML file (the latter ends up in the OpenCart database).   The name of the ZIP-file to be uploaded must end with '' or ''. The folders and files structure of the ZIP-file should look like this:

    install.xml (can contain VQmod or OCmod XML)

  2. Use FTP to upload XML files directly to OpenCart's system folder.  The XML file names must end with '.vqmod.xml' or '.ocmod.xml' depending on the type of XML used.

  3. Use FTP to upload VQmod XML files directly to the vqmod/xml folder. The file names must end with '.xml'. The 'vqmod/xml' is not there on a default OpenCart 3.x and would have to be created manually via FTP!

After the OpenCart modifications are uploaded, it is important to go into the OpenCart admin backend at  Extensions > Modifications and then click on the 'Refresh' button.  This will re-create a cache for all modified OpenCart core files in the system/storage/modification folder.

Further help and customized versions

This software has been successfully tested for a standard OpenCart releases 3.0.x. Don't use other Opencart versions with this software.

If you need a customized version of this module, let us know and we can create one for a charge.

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