Unused Images Manager

Identify and remove orphaned images

What it does

This extension provides support for managing unused images.

Has your OpenCart store grown to a point where it becomes too hard to know whether certain images are still being used anywhere by the OpenCart server? This extension identifies all the unused images and allows the user from an easy to use admin interface to delete them. Also, the images cache can be cleared with a simple button click, too.



For OpenCart 1.5.x releases this extension requires VQMod (aka Virtual Quick Mod) or the Override Engine.

For OpenCart 3.x releases no modification systems are needed.


Installation for OpenCart 1.5.x releases

  1. Upload the folder 'admin' from the 'upload' directory to your OpenCart server's main directory.
  2. Also, either upload the folder 'vqmod' or 'override' to your OpenCart server's main directory, depending on whether you use VQmod or the Override Engine for the necessary modification of OpenCart core files.
  3. In the admin backend, go to System > Users > User Groups > edit Top Administrator, and then set the Access and Modify permissions for 'catalog/unused_image'.
  4. That's it! You should now see this extension under the 'Catalog > Unused Images' menu.


Installation for OpenCart 3.x releases

  1. Log into the admin backend.
  2. Use 'Extensions > Marketplace' or 'Extensions > Installer > Upload' for installing the this ocmod.zip file.
  3. Use 'Extensions > Extensions > Modules > Unused Images > Install' to install and enable this module.
  4. Use 'System > Users > User Groups' to set the access and modify rights for 'extension/catalog_unused_image'.
  5. That's it! You should now see this extension under the 'Catalog > Unused Images' menu.

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