Instant Option Price Calculator

The standard OpenCart price calculation only adds or subtracts the prices of the chosen product options to the product total. This simple way for doing option price calculations may be too limited in more complex scenarios.

Our newly released Instant Option Price Calculator can overcome this limitation. It allows the store owner to define his own more sophisticated option price formulas for each product. For example, option prices could be calculated based on a chosen product measurement...

Finally available for OpenCart: A TrustPilot Reviews module.

This module enables OpenCart to dynamically display a TrustBox widget listing the lasted reviews collected on TrustPilot for the online shop.

Also, for each successful sale, an automatic order alert BCC email is sent to TrustPilot with some basic order details. This enables the TrustPilot business account owner to invite new customers to leave a review on TrustPilot.

This extension does not modify any OpenCart core files,...

Download Options

We have now released a new OpenCart extension which adds support for product options for download files.

The user selects a product option value and, depending on the selection, the right file will be chosen for a later download from an user's account.

This can be especially useful when offering downloadable software through an OpenCart-based store because it allows the user to choose the right download file via product option values such as 'Version' etc.

For example, assuming a downloadable...

New Web Site

Welcome to our new web site! We thought it was about time to give our own site a make over.

Please feel free to browse through our pages, and if you plan to set up a new online shop, why not try out OpenCart - a leading open source e-commerce software. OpenCart offers thousands of extensions contributed by 3rd party developers, some of them are available from this web site.

If you have any questions on how we can help you to provide a tailor-made ecommerce solution, you can send an enquiry...
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