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MHCORP.COM has built LIFE-FORCE Centre a bespoke room booking system based on OpenCart..
Both myself and my office staff are completely delighted with this new product that has been developed to meet our every need. We never expected to be able to have an electronic booking system that incorporated nearly all the features of our old paper system. It has been a lengthy process within which MHCCORP.COM has not only catered for additional features along the way but has also deal with any technical challenges as they arose in a very knowledgeable, professional and committed way. It was always easy to ask the developer for what we needed and he provided this in a can do and prompt way. The new system has already saved us a lot of office administration time and has created a very efficient invoice and payment system. We could not be happier and are extremely grateful. Thank you !

• Nicky Joyce - 7 Sep 2019
Extremely reliable developer.The module works great.I tried this free module after getting cheated for services by 2 more developers registred on open cart account.
• Chetna Patel - 21 Sep 2017
We have used Juergen at MHC Corp for some time now. He is helpful, reliable and especially good at what he does. Five Stars!!!
• Richard - 27 Apr 2017

I'm very grateful to JNeuhoff, who customized export/import tool for me and even more, he corrected some bugs of paid extensions,created by other authors. He did this support for me in just few hours.

• Zdravko Boitchinov - 15 Aug 2014

veryyyy Good

• Abhijeet - 5 Nov 2013

Your Export and Import Tool is the BEST. There are hundreds of people waiting for you to extend it to do dual language Imports.

• Timothy Wolf - 11 Oct 2012

Thank you very much man, i was looking for a free version of this tool pretty badly. Thank you a tone. I have not tested it yet, will let you know once i test it.

• Varun chowdary - 2 Aug 2012

Many thanks for your hard work; the OpenCart Export/Import Tool works like a charm and, when I'm up and running, I have no doubt I'll be back to buy some of your other products

• Phil Hare - 20 May 2012

A huge thanks .... for the excellent OpenCart Export/Import Tool, always updated for new OpenCart versions and works really well.

• Andy Gaskell - 20 Apr 2012

Wow! super fast service. Import and Export tool works great and is very useful. for those who don't have any idea how to install this module, LIKE ME! will do it for you for reasonable price.

He also install Google Checkout in my shopping cart, this powerful will help my store increase my sales, remember not all likes to put their credit cards information on the web!

Thank you !
I'll be back with another project very soon.

• Max D. - 11 Aug 2011

Export/Import Tool is a fantastic module i think it is a great free module which does what you need.

• Aaron Healey - 2 Aug 2011

Posts like this brighten up my day. Thnaks for taking the time.

• Kapri - 16 May 2011

Awesome import/export tool. Easy and fast...

• Marnus - 16 May 2011

Great communication and very helpfull! Thank You!!

• Marius - 12 May 2011

Just wanted to express my appreciation for the import/export tool. It only took me about two minutes to set up and it works beautifully!

• RonA - 10 Mar 2011
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