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This VQMod XML script provides support for the Google Tag Manager in OpenCart.

With Google Tag Manager, marketers will be able to add, edit or remove marketing and measurement tags (such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords Tracking etc) without the intervention of webmasters. This will speed the process from the marketing perspective and will free webmasters to work on other important tasks.



This module requires the installation of VQMod (aka Virtual Quick Mod).

Also, you need an account with Google Tag Manager which is free.



  1. Upload the folder 'vqmod' from the 'upload' directory to your OpenCart server's root directory. No OpenCart core files are modified.
  2. Log into the OpenCart admin backend and go to
    System > Settings > Edit > Store tab

  3. Enter your Google Tag Manager code (which was generated in your Google Tag Manager account).
  4. Save the changes

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