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The Import/Export Tool allows the admin user to do a bulk export of all the categories, products, and product options to an Excel spreadsheet file. The spreadsheet file can be edited offline and then be re-imported to the OpenCart database.


Requirements and Limitations

This module only supports one front end language.

Memory requirements can be quite high.

For example, for a store that has 13,500 products and 300 categories:

XLS File Size: 9 to 10MB
Memory Usage Export: up to 13MB
Memory Usage Import: up to 355MB

Which works fine with the following PHP settings:

memory_limit 512M
post_max_size 16M
upload_max_filesize 16M

Not every shared web hosting account supports such a high process memory usage. Therefore, if you use a basic shared web hosting account, no more than a few thousand products can be supported. Use a more dedicated web hosting account if a higher number of products are to be supported for the Export/Import module.

The high memory usage of the Import is due to the fact that the underlying PHPExcelReader parses the whole file into RAM memory first before being able to access the spreadsheet cells.



See embedded 'readme.txt' for installation details. For OpenCart versions 1.4.9.x or later a pre-installed VQMod (Virtual file modification system) or a pre-installed Override Engine is recommended for easier installation.


Further help and customized versions

This tool has been successfully tested for the specified standard OpenCart versions. Don't use other Opencart versions with this tool.

If you need a customized version of the Export/Import Tool, let us know and we can create one for a charge.

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